Registration Notes:

  • The first person entered is the Primary Bronte Member who is responsible for managing the family information.
  • Your email address must be unique.
  • If the registration is for Junior(s) only, then the Junior is the Primary Member.
  • A Family ID will be assigned to associate all of your family members.
  • Complete a registration page for each family member by clicking ‘Add Additional Members’.
  • Once all the family members have been added, click 'Generate Invoice' to complete your registration payment by credit card.
  • Following your successful payment, you will be sent a confirmation email with your login information.

 NOTE: If at any time during your registration the process is aborted or your payment is unsuccessful, the information already entered is not lost. You can login again to the New Member Registration using the login information sent to you by email, and continue to complete your registration and payment.



New Member Registration

Registration List

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