Bronte Tennis Club is a not-for-profit organization.  As a summer run club, we welcome members to make use of our seven hard courts, a beautiful clubhouse with a viewing/seating area.  Bronte Tennis Club has become part of Halton's heart of Ontario's growing tennis community.


"Bronte Tennis Club is a Not-for-Profit, Community-Based, Volunteer-Run Tennis Club offering Quality Facilities, Programs, & Instruction at Affordable Prices, providing a high level of Accessibility, and fostering a Friendly, Fun Atmosphere."

This Mission Statement has been developed to provide clarity to our members and others about who we are, and what we are about. It also serves as a “touchstone” for our Club´s Board of Directors in helping them make decisions regarding the Club´s direction, strategy and operations. Some important aspects are:

Our Club has no owners or other direct financial stakeholders and all financial surpluses are reinvested in the club´s facilities. This reinvestment is managed by the Board of Directors and is crucial to the Club´s long term viability and vitality.

Our Courts and Clubhouse are located on property leased from the Town of Oakville. Membership is open to the general public, on an annual basis. The establishment of our Club, the construction of the Courts and Clubhouse facilities, and our ongoing operations have all been - and continue to be - supported in a wide variety of ways by the Town. We have a continuing responsibility to the Town - and the immediate surrounding community - to be a good "corporate" citizen.

A volunteer Board of Directors, elected annually by the Membership, undertakes responsibility for the Club´s management. Some Board Members have responsibility for specific areas (e.g. Maintenance, Finance, Programs, Junior Development, etc.), while others have more general responsibility for helping out wherever required. Additionally, many committed and capable members-at-large devote their time and talents to making programs and events function smoothly by organizing and leading various programs, events, teams and leagues. Although the Club employs some part-time, seasonal staff (limited to Court Attendants at this time), we rely primarily on Members donating their time, energy and expertise to bring our objectives to life. We expect all Members to be sensitive to this fact, and to help out where and when they are able.

Our Facilities Include
High quality courts with well maintained nets, lighting and windscreens. In addition, a fully functional Clubhouse equipped with reception, a lounge for relaxing, as well as washrooms, meeting areas, kitchen, winter table tennis and plenty of convenient parking.

Quality Programs
Well-organized events and programs for all levels of play, Promoted by effective communications, Run by knowledgeable volunteer organizers, Well planned and supervised; results are recorded.

Quality Instruction
Teaching Professional(s) providing: up-to-date teaching methods, encouragement and enthusiasm for the game, supporting the Club´s programs and generally furthering the Club´s objectives

Affordable Rates
In relation to other public tennis Clubs in the Southwest Ontario/GTA area.

Membership is open to all, (subject only to capacity constraints, with priority to Oakville residents), Hours of operation, Clubhouse hours, Balance of organized programs and free court time, Programs and events for all ages and abilities, Modest dress code requirements, Wheel chair accessible, Access to activities, programs and events is restricted only when it is considered necessary to preserve one of the primary objectives of that particular activity.

Friendly, Fun Atmosphere
At our Club, all social levels of players are supported - beginners, serious, young and old. Members enjoy the atmosphere, even if not playing a game. People come early and stay late to socialize; non-playing family members come out to support. Although some teams have developed a strong sense of camaraderie, as a whole, the Club has a relaxed atmosphere and everyone is open to socializing with everyone else.
Bronte Tennis is committed to fostering an environment of Respect for yourself; Respect for others; and Responsibility for your actions. We fully comply with the Town of Oakville RZONE policy. Court Attendants and Board Members make a special effort to ensure each person feels comfortable and safe at the Club.
Our Clubhouse is warm and functional and except for non-marking footwear, our dress code is relaxed. We want everyone, from singles to family, to feel welcome and share in the common love for the game of tennis!