The Bronte Tennis Club is member run club on a voluntary basis.  Every year a group of members come together to open and maintain the club to ensure the club is up and running to enjoy the game of a lifetime for the entire spring and summer season



2023 Bronte Board of Directors

Position Name Contact
  President  Eddie Bodbyl
  Secretary  Mary Beth Berczi
 Treasurer  Angela Wu
 Membership  Maureen Morkin
 Human Resources  Michelle Fedema
 Social Director  Tim Little
  Property Management  James Hislop
  Programming Director  Susan Murphy
  JR Programming Director  Susan Orchard
  Information Technology  Susan Murphy
  Member at large  Teresa Joseph  
   Member at large   Bob Stead  



Eddie Bodbyl                  Maureen Morkin             Mary Beth Berzci            Tim Little                   James Hislop              



Susan Murphy            Susan Orchard             Michelle Fedema             Angela Wu



       Teresa Joseph            Bob Stead